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Thank you to all of the wonderful staff at Handprints for four wonderful years! I love the way that you all have helped with Caleb. He’s felt safe and loved since day one. He has become such a great little guy thanks to all of you. If you trust in God, He will lead the way. He certainly led us to just the right place! Love you lots! Sandee

Caleb is now a Kindergartener at CSCS!


Handprints Early Education Centers, Inc. provides high quality care and early education in a developmentally appropriate and academically balanced environment.  We honor the child while preparing children to enter the exciting world of elementary education.  Handprints believes in helping parents grow well-rounded individuals by respecting all aspects of child development which includes the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

From 12 months to pre-kindergartners, the Handprints staff is specifically chosen for their knowledge of developmental and educational needs of the children in their care.  Our curriculum is based on best practices and sound research in the field of early childhood education.  Our programs provide spiritual integration and each eligible program is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).