Mission Statement

“Reaching the World Through the Heart of a Child”


Kid in Car


To prepare children for a life of Educational Experience: Handprints Early Education Centers seeks to provide children with a foundation for lifelong learning. Positive and challenging Early Education can stimulate a hunger and desire for learning in children and prepare them for higher learning experiences. Handprints' Early Education Philosophy encourages children to experience a variety of purposeful and open-ended classroom activities including but not limited to dramatic play, music, art, books and media, science and curiosity builders, manipulatives, sensory, fine and large motor coordinators, and language developers. Children will be exposed to pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-math skills and be introduced to phonemic awareness, a precursor to phonics.

To provide Spiritual Training: Handprints Early Education Centers, seeks to partner with the home and the church in providing spiritual training to young children. This spiritual training includes teaching young children to know and enjoy Jesus and experience the wonder of God our heavenly father. We believe that the Spiritual training of the young child is integrated into all other areas of training the physical, emotional, cognitive and social development of the child. Spiritual training is accomplished through the application of age appropriate teaching methods and activities for young children including praise and worship experiences, individual and corporate prayer times, Bible stories, scripture activities, natural occurrences in the classroom and on the playground.

To provide Nurture and Care to children in a Loving Christian Environment: Handprints Early Education seeks to provide a nurturing and loving environment for children to grow and develop physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially and spiritually. We believe that each child has been created by God for a special purpose and has value and worth. Handprint's takes seriously the responsibility of caring for young children. We will provide a safe, fun and challenging environment where children can grow and develop. It is our desire that the individuality of each child be respected and honored, the creativity of each child reinforced and stretched, and the confidence of each child encouraged and strengthened.